Episodes 001 to 100

About The SalesStar Podcast

The SalesStar Podcast, produced and hosted by SalesTechStar features B2B / Sales thought-leaders and serves to connect their experiences in B2B and Technology Sales with our growing global community of Sales and SalesTech professionals.

The SalesStar Podcast is hosted by SalesTechStar’s Director of Content Strategy, Paroma Sen.

One of the best things about The SalesStar Podcast?
Every episode serves to cover trending insights and tips on technology sales and sales tech in under-10 minutes!

Episode 100: Tools and Technologies that Help Drive Better Team Efforts: with Shawn Herring, VP Marketing at PandaDoc

Episode 99: Paroma Sen of SAP speaks with Paroma Sen of SalesTechStar.com on the Importance of DEI in B2B Marketing and Sales

Episode 98: Intent Data is Crucial to B2B Sales and Marketing: with Mike Burton, Co-Founder & SVP Data Sales, Bombora

Episode 97: B2B Marketing Trends and the Changing Face of the B2B CMO: with Dave Dabbah, CMO, CleverTap

Episode 96: B2B Sales Intelligence Trends and Best Practices with James Isilay, CEO at Cognism

Episode 95: Enterprise Sales Best Practices with Damien Swendsen, VP Sales at InsideView

Episode 94: Getting Smarter About your Choice of Martech and SalesTech: with Yoni Tserruya, Co-founder & CEO at Lusha

Episode 93: How do you Build an Impactful Customer Success Model: with Daljit Bamford, Tenth Revolution Group

Episode 92: B2B Marketing Learnings and Martech Tips with Jon Perera, CMO at HighSpot

Episode 91: Top Trends and Concerns of B2B Revenue Teams: with Sylvia Ananicz, Head of Revenue at Lilt

Episode 90: Boost your Customer Engagement and Marketing Process: Tips and Thoughts by Steve Daheb, CMO at ON24

Episode 89: Demand Gen and B2B Marketing Tips: with Gil Allouche, Founder & CEO at Metadata.io

Episode 88: The Impact of Sales Automation on Sales Processes: with Pouyan Salehi, Co-founder and CEO of Scratchpad

Episode 87: B2B RevTech and SalesTech Trends with Thiago Sá Freire, Chief Revenue Officer, Chorus.ai (a ZoomInfo company)

Episode 86: Delivering Value with Data-Driven Practices: Shakeel Itoola, Chief Data Officer, Demand Science and PureB2B

Episode 85: How do you Boost Customer Success in B2B: with Michelle MacCarthy, Global Head of Customer Success at Unit4

Episode 84: Top Marketing Trends To Follow: with Bob Ray, Head of Agency Services at Merkle B2B

Episode 83: Best Practices in Customer Success and Sales: with Jeff Heckler, Global Head of Customer Success, Pipedrive

Episode 82: Building out a Strong Multichannel Digital Marketing Process with Nii Ahene, CSO at Tinuiti

Episode 81: Customer Trends and the Changing Feedback Game: with Rob Holland, Chief Executive Officer at Feedback Loop

Episode 80: What’s trending in Marketing and Sales: with Jason Webby, Vice President, Eastern Region at Future

Episode 79: Improving Sales Processes and Strategies: with Rob Watson, SVP Sales at Bluecore

Episode 78: A Podcast Subseries within a Series: Paroma Sen of SAP speaks to Paroma Sen of SalesTech Star about Using Data and Marketing for Good

Episode 77: The Importance of Humor in Content Marketing: with Rishi Mathur, Global Program Manager at LinkedIn

Episode 76: Emerging HR Tech Trends: with Mahe Bayireddi, Chief Executive Officer, Phenom

Episode 75: Building Resilience to Drive Growth: with Huw Owen, Vice President and General Manager - EMEA at Couchbase

Episode 74: Improving Customer and Employee Experience: with Grant Halloran, Chief Executive Officer, Planful

Episode 73: Tips to Double Marketing ROI with Latane Conant, Chief Marketing Officer, 6sense

Episode 72: How to Plan your Product Roadmap, with Amir Hofman, Chief Product Officer, CloudShare

Episode 71: A Podcast Subseries within a Series: Paroma Sen of SAP speaks to Paroma Sen of SalesTech Star about Changing Customer Experience trends that B2B marketers need to focus on

Episode 70: Revenue Trends and RevTech Insights with Mark Banfield, Chief Revenue Officer at LogicMonitor

Episode 69: Business and Tech Management amid the Vaccine Roll Out with Phil Friedman, CEO at CGS

Episode 68: Podcasts for B2B Sales and Marketing Teams: Top Tips with Zachary Ballenger, Co-founder, Sales & GTM at Casted

Episode 67: Realigning Customer Journeys in Tech with Jonathan Anguelov, COO and Cofounder of Aircall

Episode 66: Sales Engagement and Tech Marketing Learnings with Kristin Hersant, VP, Marketing at Groove

Episode 65: Growing Cross-Border Sales And Marketing Teams And Plans: With Greg Chapman, SVP Of Partner Management, Avalara

Episode 64: A Podcast Subseries within a Series -> Paroma Sen of SAP speaks to SalesTechStar’s Paroma Sen about Today’s Evolving Digital Transformation Trends

Episode 63: Martech – Salestech: A growing connect - with Scott Brinker, VP, Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot

Episode 62: Exploring the Rise of Intent Data in B2B with John Steinert, CMO at TechTarget

Episode 61: CX and Digital Transformation Trends with Kirsten Boileau, Global Head of Digital Transformation Enablement at SAP

Episode 60: Overcoming Customer-facing Challenges, with Tips for 2021: Kenneth Peterson, President of Customer Experience at QuestionPro

Episode 59: B2B Customer Success Tips and Trends with Bernie Kassar, Chief Customer Officer, SVP - Alliances & Business Development at Xactly Corp

Episode 58: Evaluating the Changing Role of Today’s B2B Chief Revenue Officer with Tim Lambert, CRO at Openprise

Episode 57: Sales and Marketing Trends 2020-21 with Geoff Webb, (Former) VP of Strategy at PROS

Episode 56: Optimizing Pricing and Positioning in B2B with Pete Eppele, SVP Products & Science at Zilliant

Episode 55: Business and Sales Intelligence Tips with Nealesh Patel, Head of Business Development at Crunchbase

Episode 54: Diversity and Inclusion in Tech with Morag Lucey, CEO at Televerde

Episode 53: How did B2B Companies Drive Impact with HR Tech in 2020: with Mark Sawyier, Co-founder and CEO, Bonfyre App

Episode 52: Building Resilience in B2B Sales: with Drew Naukam, Chief Growth Officer North America at Ness Digital Engineering

Episode 51: The State of Technology Sales Today with Declan McGonigle, VP Sales and Marketing at VISUA

Episode 50: Streamlining B2B Marketing and Sales Efficiencies with Gautam Goswami, CMO and Global EVP, Marketing & Products at TeamViewer

Episode 49: B2B Marketing and Sales – Alignment and Process Tips with Steve Hartert, CMO at JotForm

Episode 48: Technology Sales in The “New Normal” with Chris Cabrera, Founder & CEO at Xactly

Episode 47: What Should New Salestech and Martech Entrants Keep in Mind: with Nicolas Vandenberghe, CEO at Chili Piper

Episode 46: Learning to Sell and Scale Despite a Slowdown: with Chris Jackson, VP, Customer Success at POPin

Episode 45: Enhancing Customer Success Strategies in B2B the Right Way: In conversation with Rick Chappel, VP of Customer Success at Zilliant

Episode 44: Driving Revenue Strategies and Business Operations: Evan Luke, Head of Revenue Operations at VanillaSoft Shares Key Tips

Episode 43: Picking Up The Pace of Business Despite Covid-19: with Pankaj Bhula, Regional Director, Africa at Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

Episode 42: Creative Ways to Drive Marketing and Sales in B2B and B2C with Beth Brady, CMO at Chief Outsiders

Episode 41: Discussing Rebranding Tips with Grant McDougall, co-founder, BlueOcean

Episode 40: Sales and Sales Leadership Tips with Natasha Sekkat, VP Demand Creation at Acoustic

Episode 39: How to drive deeper business relationships during a global downtime: with Jim Nichols, Chief Marketing Officer at Partnerize

Episode 38: Influencer Marketing Best Practices with Brandon Brown, CEO and Co-founder at GRIN

Episode 37: Enabling Better Customer Success Stories and Strategies Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic: with Magda Houalla, Director of Marketing Strategy at AspireIQ

Episode 36: The Impact of Covid19 on Marketing and Sales: with Nigel Cullington, VP of Marketing for the Upland Enterprise Sales & Marketing Cloud

Episode 35: A Few Tips to Help Reformulate Sales Strategies for the New Normal: with Sheila Aharoni, Vice President of Global Sales, CloudShare

Episode 34: Being A Tech Entrepreneur Amid A Challenging Time; with Vishal Sunak, Co-Founder & CEO at LinkSquares

Episode 33: What can you do to boost Revenue during downtime and other sales tips with Gopkiran Rao, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at MindTickle

Episode 32: What’s Changed in Sales Today Due to Covid-19?: Risa Crandall, VP Strategy and Sales at Aki Technologies shares some thoughts

Episode 31: Shifting Priorities in Marketing and Sales: A chat with Vicki Kolovou, Head of Marketing at Behavioral Signals

Episode 30: Driving Through Uncertainty with the Right Business Tactics, a B2B Conversation with Craig Bumpus, Chief Revenue Officer at Qumulo

Episode 29: Thriving During Uncertain Business Times: A Conversation with Tapajyoti (Tukan) Das, CEO at LeadSift

Episode 28: Discussing Tech Sales and Marketing Tricks with Jay Tuel, VP of Sales Development at Demandbase

Episode 27: A Chat with Martech thought-leader Matt Heinz

Episode 26: A Tech Sales Talk with Raul Perdigão Silva, Global Head Inside Sales at Pipedrive

Episode 25: Michael McLaren, Global CEO, B2B Group at Merkle Discusses Business Challenges and Tips for Sales and Marketing to Tide Over Covid-19

Episode 24: A MarTech and SalesTech Conversation with Julian Baring, General Manager, Americas of Adform

Episode 23: Anand Shah, CEO and Co-founder of Databook shares Demand Generation and Sales Tips To Endure The Global (Covid-19) Pandemic

Episode 22: Bud McGann, Executive Vice President of Global Sales at Reltio Shares his Thoughts on Improving your Selling Techniques During Challenging Times

Episode 21: Ami Gal, CEO and Co-founder of SQream joins us to share humanitarian tips to practice during Covid-19 while also sharing his learnings from being a tech entrepreneur

Episode 20: Ron Baden, Chief Revenue Officer of SalesHood Joins us in this Episode to Share His Top Sales Leadership and Sales Enablement Practices

Episode 19: Troy Barter, Director of Sales Development at PandaDoc Joins us to Talk about His Top Best Practices that Help Drive Better Sales Outcomes

Episode 18: Rob Sharland, Global Sales Head at Audiens Discusses Business Tips for the Ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic

Episode 17: Manny Medina, CEO at Outreach.IO joins us to talk about AI in Tech and the evolving sales and marketing landscape

Episode 16: Richard Lanchantin, Chief Executive Officer at QStream Joins Us to Share Leadership Development and Upskilling Tips for Technology Sales and Marketing Teams

Episode 15: Jenna Raby Senior Vice President of Global Financial Services at RiskIQ Discusses Proven Enterprise Sales Tips and Tactics to Help Drive ROI

Episode 14: R.J. Talyor, Chief Executive Officer at Pattern89 Shares his Thoughts on The Growing Use and Impact of AI in MarTech and SalesTech

Episode 13: Peter Gillett, MD at Marketpoint Global & Founder at Zuant Joins us for a Chat to Discuss Key Mobile Lead Capture Tips for Technology Sales Teams

Episode 12: Wayne Gomes, Co-founder of Grapevine6 Shares his Top Social Selling Tips for Sales Teams

Episode 11: Enrico Quaroni, VP of Global Sales at Fanplayr Shares Interesting B2B Sales Tactics to Help Drive Better Business Results

Episode 10: Mark Rogers, Chief Revenue Officer at Impartner Software Talks about his Best-performing Sales Tactics and Strategies

Episode 09: Tyler Lessard, VP of Marketing at Vidyard Shares Innovative Tips for Sales Teams to Capitalize on Videos

Episode 08: David Lewis, Founder & CEO of DemandGen International Explores the Changing Role of the B2B Salesperson While Sharing Innovative Sales techniques to help you Boost your Sales

Episode 07: Maria Tribble, VP of Enterprise Sales at Pathfactory Shares Best Practices that Help Optimize every Sales Campaign

Episode 06: Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider Group Shares Content Marketing Tactics to Enable Sales Teams

Episode 05: Brandon Bornancin, Founder & CEO of Seamless.AI discusses the Impact of AI in Sales and his SalesTech Predictions for 2020

Episode 04: Carlos Hidalgo, Founder & CEO at VisumCX discusses his predictions on Sales and SalesTech for 2020

Episode 03: Meetul Shah, Founder and CEO of DemandMatrix Discusses Innovative Account-based Selling and B2B Sales Tactics

Episode 02: David Raab, Founder and CEO of The CDP Institute Tells us why CDPs are Essential to Sales

Episode 01: About the SalesStar Podcast - (A Brief Introduction!)