SalesTechStar Interview with Jonathan Lister, COO at Vidyard

Jonathan Lister, COO at Vidyard joins us in this SalesTechStar interview to share a few top learnings from his sales journey through the years and to highlight the growing importance of videos in B2B;

HR Tech Video Interview With Brent Proulx, Vice President Of HR At Select Medical

For an organization that has an employee strength of over 46000, relying on HR technology tools is so critical. This requires a thorough understanding of how traditional HR SaaS and Cloud tools work, and integrate with the upcoming capabilities in people listening and people analytics. 

HR Tech Video Interview With Laura Kunitz At C.H. Robinson

Employee listening tools can turn an organization into a more culture-centric entity. HR managers are embracing new-age employee listening and people analytics solutions to improve the ROI of their HR Technology stacks. 

HR Tech Video Interview With Bethany Dohleman, Workforce Analytics & Research Lead At AbbVie

Organizations are investing in people listening and people analytics tools to improve their ability to mo9ve quickly. 

HR Tech Video Interview With Shanna Daugherty At Ahold Delhaize

The HR Tech landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. At the Perceptyx Insights 2022, we sat down with the experts from various organizations. These organizations are at the forefront of HR Technology adoption for people analytics and  employee experience management.

MarTech Video Interview With Robert Glazer, Founder And CEO At Acceleration Partners

In this MarTech Video Interview with Robert Glazer, Founder and CEO at Acceleration Partners; MarTech Series and Robert spoke about the future of performance marketing, marketing trends that are set to shape the B2B tech marketing segment.

MarTech Video Interview with Sean Muller, Founder & CEO, iSpot

Sean Muller, CEO at iSpot, a Unified Cross-Platform Ad Measurement Tool shares thoughts on why TV ad buys aren’t limited to a linear-only or streaming-only approach anymore, and both brands and networks need unified, cross-platform measurement in real time to determine successful audience delivery.

MarTech Video Interview with Chris Maccaro, CEO at Beachfront Media

Connected TV’s growth has been a boon for streaming advertising, yet the work is far from over when it comes to optimizing campaigns within that ecosystem.

MarTech Video Interview with Stefan Maris – FreeWheel

Premium content is worth every penny it ingests. The ad technology and data management platforms working in tandem to make such premium content retain their dollar value are equally valuable.

MarTech Video Interview with Travis Hockersmith – VIZIO

The rise of new-age digital advertising channels such as OTT, immersive video and social media have forced traditional/linear TV adtech firms to focus on improving their analytics and attribution techniques.

MarTech Video Interview with Larry Allen – Comcast

He has more than 20 years of experience in Media, Marketing and Ad Technology. Larry has a deep understanding of the Advertising ecosystem, Product development, Product marketing, Media sales, and Media technology.

MarTech Video Interview with Peter Crofut – Adswerve

Peter is a Director of Partner Relationships at Adswerve. Recently, he was the Chief Evangelist of Google’s Platform Marketing Solutions, consulting and providing thought leadership for Google’s Sales teams and largest brands.

MarTech Video Interview Raffi Bagdasarian – Paket.tv

The Pandemic-induced lockdown has unleashed an unprecedented level of obsession with streaming experiences. Video platforms are trying new formats to keep viewers engaged.

MarTech Video Interview with Stu Schwartzapfel – iSpot.tv

TV advertising is one of the few important digital branding channels that have managed to break the shackles of old and boring traditions. With new ad formats competing directly for revenue, TV advertising’s effectiveness has always been a great topic to debate on.

MarTech Video Interview with Zeev Neumeier – Inscape

Zeev Neumeier is the SVP of Product, Inscape at VIZIO. Zeev founded Cognitive Networks, which was purchased by VIZIO and rebranded as Inscape Services.

TV continues to be a very popular engagement medium for advertisers