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Michael Litt, CEO at Vidyard, a platform that helps you stand out with prospects with its AI-powered video messaging capabilities joined us in this MarTech Webchat Series to chat about some of Vidyard’s latest enhancements and how B2B sellers and marketers can learn to capitalize more on videos to drive impact. Key topics covered: The benefits of video marketing and using videos in sales outreach Impact of GenAI on video campaigns How Vidyard’s AI Avatars can enable…

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Derek Slager, Amperity’s co-founder and CTO joined us in this webchat to discuss a few trends surrounding AI and the future of B2B marketing; download your copy of this insightful session for a quick listen on how AI is set to redefine everything about the future of Marketing. Key Topics Covered: How AI is driving marketing and advertising trends today When using AI to drive marketing and ad output, what should brands keep in mind? Common misconceptions…

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In this webchat, we had Demandbase’s Head of GTM Strategy and Thought Leadership Chris Moody back for a second round of insights and tips as well as a deeper dive into what it takes to truly optimize your execution steps in a typical B2B go-to market model. If you missed the first part of this GTM series, listen to the conversation here. And don’t forget to download Part 2 of this session today!

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In this webchat, Demandbase’s CMO Jon Miller dove into the deeper details of building a comprehensive, ROI driven ABX execution model in terms of what channels to pick along with relevant suggestions on each of their outreach methodologies. If you missed the first part of this ABX series, back in that session Jon weighed in to share key pointers on the State of ABX in 2023 and Beyond and what it really takes to plan and align…

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In this exclusive webchat hosted by MarTechSeries and Demandbase; Chris Moody, Head of GTM Strategy and Thought Leadership at Demandbase discusses what GTM Fundamentals and Best Practices should take precedence for B2B go-to market and marketing teams. Catch the complete conversation to uncover interesting insights, tips and methodologies that can help you power your GTM processes for 2023 and beyond. Know More

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Welcome to this webchat on ABX Trends for 2023 brought to you by MarTech Series and Demandbase. Jon Miller, CMO at Demandbase takes the hot seat in this session to share some interesting ABX fundamentals and best practices for 2023 and beyond. In this webchat, Jon discusses: The Evolution of ABM Over The Years…How ABM has evolved into ABX What goals should be met at each stage of the Account-based Marketing cycle Common mistakes made…

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MarTech Video Interview with Zeev Neumeier – Inscape Zeev Neumeier is the SVP of Product, Inscape at VIZIO. Zeev founded Cognitive Networks, which was purchased by VIZIO and rebranded as Inscape Services. TV continues to be a very popular engagement medium for advertisers Watch Now

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MarTech Video Interview with Stu Schwartzapfel – TV advertising is one of the few important digital branding channels that have managed to break the shackles of old and boring traditions. With new ad formats competing directly for revenue, TV advertising’s effectiveness has always been a great topic to debate on. Watch Now

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MarTech Video Interview Raffi Bagdasarian – The Pandemic-induced lockdown has unleashed an unprecedented level of obsession with streaming experiences. Video platforms are trying new formats to keep viewers engaged. Watch Now

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MarTech Video Interview with Peter Crofut – Adswerve Peter is a Director of Partner Relationships at Adswerve. Recently, he was the Chief Evangelist of Google’s Platform Marketing Solutions, consulting and providing thought leadership for Google’s Sales teams and largest brands. Watch Now

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